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Cameroon Is The Environmentally Sustainable Quality Cocoa Producing Country

Cocoa is one of the major commodities in Cameroon and plays a key role in the Cameroon economy. Over 500,000 Cameroonians are more or less dependent on cocoa production in Cameroon for their livelihoods. With this huge production of cocoa, Cameroon has become Africa’s fourth-biggest grower of quality cocoa and presently the world’s fifth-quality cocoa-producing country. Based on a baseline survey, it has been observed that nearly 50-60% of all export earnings came from the sale of cocoa. 

The Cameroonian government body recognizes the importance of quality cocoa production in the industry for the growth of its economy and also sets ambitious goals to expand and double its production by 2030. 

Statistics of Cocoa Production Zones in Cameroon

As it is quite evident in the graph that the South West & Centre Regions of Cameroon with 43.40% and 36.81% respectively are the heavy cocoa production zones in Cameroon. Whereas, the South Region with 9.59%, Littoral with 5.87%, and East with 3.22% are the average cocoa producing areas in Cameroon. On the other hand, North West and West of Cameroon are the mild cocoa-producing regions. 

Rapidly Increasing Production of Top Quality Cocoa Makes Cameroon Recognized as the Best Cocoa Producing Country in the World

The south-west region of Cameroon has dominated the country’s production accounting for around 40% of overall cocoa production. In recent years, the production has increased rapidly in the Centre as well. The rising levels of production of Cocoa in the different regions of Cameroon dominates the global supply chain of cocoa. As cocoa demand remains significantly high around the world, driven by the strong performance of the global chocolate industry statistics, Cameroon contributes a major role in fulfilling the demand for cocoa supply around the world- and it makes it known as the best cocoa producing country in the world. Cocoa is the biggest contributor to the country’s export earnings as cocoa production alone is responsible for almost two-thirds of the revenue generated in Cameroon and that’s a huge number. 

To ensure the sustainable production of cocoa in Cameroon, ONCC/NCCB is the authorized body that ensures the control and marketing of cocoa. For clear and detailed information about Cameroon’s cocoa production, ONCC/NCCB is the reliable platform where you will get the right information along with the latest updates.