Cocoa [ CIF: 5156FCFA/kg FOB: 5048FCFA/kg Buying Price Douala, (by Exporters) MIN: 4500FCFA/kg MAX: 4700FCFA/kg ] Arabica Coffee [ CIF: 3286FCFA/kg FOB: 3151FCFA/kg ] Robusta Coffee [ CIF: 2873FCFA/kg FOB: 2747FCFA/kg Buying Price Moungo MIN: 1700FCFA/kg MAX: 2000FCFA/kg ]


Contribute to alleviating rural poverty by improving the socio-economic conditions of small scale farmers. We intend to devote all efforts and creativity to strengthen the capacity and competence of all stakeholders by working together for the sustainability of the sector.



  • Control and guarantee the quality of cocoa and coffee ;
  • The statistical monitoring of exports along with the cocoa and coffee marketing seasons;
  • Defend and promote the brand image of Cameroon origin ;
  • Take measures to streamline and valorize the marketing of produce, their derivatives as well as promote the marketing process;
  • Oversee the dissemination of information and guarantee the smooth functioning of all activities in the sector;
  • Assure adequate training of sector operators so as to enhance professionalism;
  • Monitor international cocoa and coffee agreements as well as represent ing Cameroon in international cocoa and coffee organizations.