Cocoa [ CIF: 5156FCFA/kg FOB: 5048FCFA/kg Buying Price Douala, (by Exporters) MIN: 4500FCFA/kg MAX: 4700FCFA/kg ] Arabica Coffee [ CIF: 3286FCFA/kg FOB: 3151FCFA/kg ] Robusta Coffee [ CIF: 2873FCFA/kg FOB: 2747FCFA/kg Buying Price Moungo MIN: 1700FCFA/kg MAX: 2000FCFA/kg ]

The National Cocoa and Coffee Board (NCCB) is a body created to ensure the control and marketing of Cocoa and Coffee in Cameroon

It was created by Decree N°  91/271 of 12 June 1991, and amended and supplemented by Decree N° 97/141 of the 25th August 1997. It is an administrative public establishment with financial autonomy under the supervisory authority of the Ministry of Trade.

In accordance with the provisions in force, the National Cocoa and Coffee Board is structured as such:

  • An Executive Management and the private secretary;
  • Three Departments and a Support Department;
  • Decentralized services (A European Branch and three national Branches, each endowed with Representation Post(s)).