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The Official Regulations of Coffee Regulator in Cameroon

The National Cocoa & Coffee Board (NCCB) is an authorized coffee regulator in Cameroon that is responsible for monitoring and supervising the conduct of the coffee industry business and its overall management right from the production part to export. The primary objective of the board is to regulate and supervise cocoa and coffee-related operational activities. The board preserves institutional competitiveness as well as ensures that the authority operates in a compliant manner while following the stated guidelines.

Mandate of the Authority

Coffee Producing Basins

To begin the trade of cocoa and coffee out of Cameroon, the exporter has to go through quality control by the laboratory of the NCCB. It is the NCCB's mandate to promote, regulate, and supervise the quality of both coffee producing basins along with the entire value chain.

The NCCB aims to support the sustainable development of the cocoa industry by fostering standard regulations. The priorities of the authority are:

Environmental Sustainability- With the strict cocoa production regulations, there will be an improvement in the environmental footprint of the cocoa supply chain.

Quality Living Of Cocoa Farmers- Improves the working conditions and quality of life of Cameroon cocoa farmers.

Quality Production- It is NCCB, the competent coffee regulator Cameroon that ensures that the cocoa and coffee produced in the country, meets the set quality standards. It carries regular inspections and rigorous tests to ensure that the coffee is safe to consume and export.

Cocoa Development- Support and implement national cocoa development strategies, embedded in holistic rural development plans.