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Honorary distinctions awarded to the NCCB by the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon

Following the very high instructions of the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya, the Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire MBARGA ATANGANA, will proceed on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 with the exceptional decoration of certain players in the cocoa industry.

This distinction is in recognition of their effective contribution to Cameroon's inclusion in the world list of fine cocoa exporters.

A total of 9 Cameroonians will receive these honors from the President of the Republic of Cameroon, HE Paul Biya, through the Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire MBARGA ATANGANA.

The awards to be distributed this day range from Commander to Knight.

On the list of NCCB recipients we have:

M. NDOPING Michael,
General Manager
Knight of the Order of Valor
M. NANA Abdoulaye
Deputy General Manager
Knight of the Order of Valor
M. MUTNGI Elie Bertrand
Director of Quality and Sustainability
Knight of Cameroonian Merit
Mme AKAMBA AVA Michèle
Director of Marketing Monitoring and Statistics
Knight of Cameroonian Merit

Cameroon is one of Africa's four main cocoa exporters, alongside Madagascar, São Tomé and Ghana, who together, export 70% of the world's raw cocoa.

This beautiful ceremony will take place at the CONGRESS HALL from 13:00.