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This website intends to serve as a perfect medium to   exchange  ideas, and most importantly, the home to  current national and international news on cocoa and coffee.

   Among others, the mission assigned to NCCB by government,  makes it;  the guarantor of quality, the defender and promoter of Cameroon origin, and the official organ to represent Cameroon at all international cocoa and coffee conventions.

With this in mind, NCCB has begun upgrading its Central Laboratory of Analysis in adherence to the ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation standards.

Linking-up with one of its foreign partners, NCCB is at the forefront of a Farmer Business SchoolProgramme that hopes to boost entrepreneurship in the sector by training cocoa and coffee farmers.As concerns the promotion of Cameroon origin, our participation at the Universal Exposition in Milan dubbed Expo-Milan that ran from May- October 2015, showcased the unique potentials of the cocoa and coffee subsectors from at all levels of the value-chain.

Moreover, the official launching of the 2015/2016 cocoa season that held on August 7, 2015 in Ayos, was an idyllic occasion to muster all actors of the sector towards a better competitiveness of the Cameroon origin.

We count on your reactions and suggestions to better meet the expectations of everyone; producers, exporters, industrial processors, millers, buyers, packers, cocoa and coffee research institutes, the administration and why not internet users such as yourself.    

                                                                   Michael NDOPING-Managing Director NCCB





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