The National Cocoa and Coffee Board (NCCB) was created by Decree No. 91/271 of 12 June 1991, amended and supplemented by Decree No. 97/141 of the 25th August, 1997. It is an administrative public establishment with financial autonomy placed under the supervisory authority of the Ministry of Trade. NCCB is a body created to ensure the control and marketing of cocoa and coffee.

In accordance with the provisions in force, the National Cocoa and Coffee Board is structured as such:

  • An Executive Management and the private secretary;
  • Three Departments and a Support Department;
  • Decentralized services (A European Branch and three national Branches, each endowed with Representation Post(s)).

The Executive Management

It is placed under the responsibility of a General Manager assisted by a Deputy General Manager. It stirs and coordinates the general policy and management of the board.

It consists of:                                              

  • Two Technical Advisers;
  • An Executive Assistant
  • Private secretary;
  • A Stock Accounting service.

Operational Departments:

Department of Studies and Statistics (DEST);(See Organizational Chart of DEST)

It ensures the total or partial formulation and implementation of studies on the sectors; the collection, the analyzing and dissemination of statistical and financial data oncocoa seasons. It equally follows-up andanalyzes international trends, import-export activities, regulation and investment planning. 

It comprises of:

  • A Sub-Department of Statistics (SDS);
  • A Sub-Department of Information and Information Technology  (SD2I);
  • A Sub-Department of Studies and Projects (SDEP).

Department of Marketing and Quality Control (DCCQ) ;(see organizational Chart of DCCQ)

It oversees all activities relating to;Packagingcontrol, quality analysis, promotion of byproducts, certification and standardization of primary products, semi finished and finish products. It is also in charge of ; monitoring the internal and external movements of cocoa and coffee, checking exports, shipping, local delivery as well as managing the activities of laboratory.  

It is made up of:

  • A Central Laboratory of Analysis (LCA);
  • A Sub Department of Marketing Control (SDCC);
  • A Sub Department of Quality Control (SDCQ).

Department of Promotion and International Cooperation (DPCI)(See Organizational Chart of DPCI)

It is in charge of; following up negotiations and different agreements, relations with international bodies (organizations), of cocoa and coffee, as well as scouting for external support. It therefore follows-up all business related activities that lead up to the promotion of Cameroon origin at international cocoa and coffee.

It consists of two sub departments:

  • The Sub-Department of Promotion (SDP);
  • The Sub-Department of International Cooperation (SDCP).

Support Department: Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs(See organizational chart of DAAF)

It oversees the administrative and financial activities of the Board- Its organization, human, material and financial resource, the follow-up and management of different commitmentsof the Board, the setting up and application of a financial policy, the implementation of an efficient policy for acquiring financial resources with the intention of proficiently running the institution.

It is made up of two services:

  • A Service of General and Legal Affairs (SAGJ);
  • A Financial Service (SEFI).

Decentralized services:

They are made up of three National Branches and a European Branch Office:

The National Branches (Yaounde, Bafoussam and Kumba)

They are placed under the responsibility of a Branch Head and the functional supervision of the Departments of Marketing Control and Quality, and that of Studies and Statistics.The Branches, are therefore responsible for executing and following-up the general policy of the NCCB as well as the supervision of all related activities in their respectiveareas of control.

They are endowed with:

  • A Quality Control Post (PCQ);
  • A service of Market monitoring (SSCO);
  • A Mixed Mobile Brigade (BMMO) ;
  • Representation Offices (BRE): Abong-Mbang, Bafia, Ebolowa under the Yaounde Branch; Bamenda and Nkongsamba placed under the Bafoussam Branch; and Mamfe placed under the Kumba Branch Office.

European Branch (AGEU)

It is headquartered in Paris. This Branch monitors all the import-export activities of cocoa and coffee beans and their derivatives, in addition to the promotion of the Made-in-Cameroon label in Europe.





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